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Website Design, Business Registration & More

We provide the platform for you to Perform.

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Are you thinking of starting your own venture in South Africa, or fine tuning your existing? Aside from our easy to use business templates in Word, Excel and PDF; we pride ourselves in providing professional business services such as brand development, website design and construction, custom business plans for new ventures etc. It's hard enough getting a head start, so let us help you get things set up properly from the start...

We have years of experience in starting up new ventures, legally, professionally and effectively. Let us help you with the building blocks by setting up your new venture with the necessary sound base. 

We are nifty at getting you Up and Running.


Website Design, Build and Host

We design and build websites for new startups, and we do this competitively. Let us know what you have in mind and we will provide a quote for design, build and host.


Custom Business Plans for new Start-ups

There are a few key characteristics every business plan needs and triggers that make any business start with a bang. Let us look at a custom business plan for you ensuring all the bases are covered. 


Brand Design, Business Stationary and More

Not everyone wants to fork out thousands for a business brand and design. Let us assist you with your corporate identity in logo design, stationary (letterheads, business cards etc.) and more. 


Company Registrations , Share Certificates and Registers

Starting a company starts with registering at CIPC, issuing Share Certificates, MOI's, creating a Share Register and more. Let's assist you at taking the first step. 

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Initially Flying Startup assisted me with templates and thereafter the setup of my business... Saved me countless hours!"
Derek Rover
Managing Director, DRQS

Thank you for your submission. We will contact you shortly. 

Let's talk, and make something special happen.

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